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Electrica electronic design and development

Electrica is a design and manufacturing company offering a design, development service & experience to companies that require electronic expertise to enhance their profile or improve their product range.

The scope of service we offer is second to none - it covers electronic products from micro-controllers, monitoring systems, detection kits and control equipment and more.

We also offer a sub-contract facility to complement our design and development facility, together enabling us to take your product from concept right through to a production unit. We have associated printed circuit board manufacturers and extra software facilities for creating Windows and PLC programmes which can be linked to our in-house software control.

In our 5,000 sq. ft premises in Cheshire, are Surface Mount and production line facilities. With sophisticated test and inspection equipment we offer quality manufacturing to accompany our design capabilities.

The employees of Electrica individually and collectively strive to achieve the highest quality of product and service and to develop a relationship with the clients personnel so that the requirements are clearly understood - to boost our client's turnover through excellent, reliable products.

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