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Electrica are proud to design and build circuits and equipment for a major client and world leader in computerised cryongenic equipment used in artificial insemination for wildlife and livestock.

Artificial insemination programmes have not only boosted the quality of Britain's livestock, but have also contributed greatly to the preservation of rare and endangered species. (For example, see the link to the Giant Panda news below.)

Our computerised sperm-freezing units maximise conception rates by a precise directional freezing process, which reduces mechanical damage, osmotic stress and ice crystal formation.

Each unit can operate either as a stand-alone piece of equipment, programmed through a user front-panel, or can be hooked up to a PC or laptop and controlled and monitored via a USB interface and user-friendly software.

Electrica are also active in the design and development of products for human IVF. High-tech matcher units with cameras and barcode readers developed by Electrica are used in human IVF labs to ensure that the correct sperm are always matched to the corresponding mother's ova.

tian tian panda pregnancy
Life Science News
Electrica cryogenic equipment was used in the successful fertility treatment of Tian Tian, the panda at Edinburgh Zoo. To read more, click the link below

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