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Automotive Electronics

Electrica are proud to be producers of electronic circuits for the automotive industry, for example, a range of onboard power, run lock, engine rev controls and diagnostic and data logging products used across the automotive industry in vehicles such as Mercedes and Jaguar Land Rover.

The onboard data loggers are fitted to each test vehicle and collect data from a wide variety of transducers fitted to the engine, suspension, gearbox, steering and braking systems.These vehicles are in many different locations all around the world, undergoing trials for the engineering teams involved in their design and development.

All the data is securely logged. Each unit then transmits its data electronically to a central database so that the engineering performance of the vehicles can be completely maximised for the end consumer.

Each unit has been carefully designed to take a wide range of inputs from a diverse set of transducers. Construction is rugged, as you would expect for such an application, yet able to carry out very sophisticated functions of data storage and transmission.

We also design and build circuits such as onboard speech modules fitted to NHS ambulances in service all around the UK, helping paramedics in their vital line of duty driving to and from calls.

Automotive electronics
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